Episode #111 - Evening Eating & Drinking

mindset Dec 09, 2022

On this podcast episode we're looking at what’s going on when you’re eating and drinking after your evening meal. The eating and/or drinking that you're likely doing sat on the sofa watching TV, or in bed whilst reading, or standing in the kitchen before you get on with some chores of even go to bed.

This type of evening eating and drinking comes up frequently in coaching calls with clients because it's often one area of our eating and sometimes drinking that can feel like a challenge to change. And it can have a significant impact on our ability to lose weight.

So, on this episode we're going to dive deep into evening eating and look at what's going on and why even though it can sometimes feel like breaking the pattern of a life time of eating evening can be a difficult habit to change, it’s well worth taking the time to do just that.

And the way that we approach this topic on this podcast episode today, is to consider evening eating from the perspective of your body, your brain, your mind, your emotions, yourself, and your life.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  •  What to do if you’re physically hungry in the evening
  •  How you may have trained yourself to physiologically want to eat at certain time of day
  •  About de-conditioning your desire to eat those evening snacks
  •  How your thinking is keeping you eating in the evening
  •  Why you have a need to eat to feel better every night and what you can do about it
  •  The importance of kind self-talk and just giving yourself a break
  •  Why you’ve got some things to change if your evening snack is the highlight of your day, and they might not be the things you think they are



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